Beginning Jan 6, 2020 invitations will come from Targets Trading Pro

No further trade stats, updates or graphics will be posted here

In 2019: 2350 trades grossed $102,128!

In this room you will see:

    1. Sim trades demonstrated with my DOM which form the formal room track record (carbon based trading)

    2. Sim trades demonstrated on the new Targets Trading Pro robot program (silicon based trading)

    3. Live trades on derived from the Targets Trading Pro program (silicon entries and carbon based exit)

    I routinely trade CL, ES, GC, NG, NQ, YM from 8 am to ~12 pm EST




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1 Week trial - $10 - see Membership


TTP is simple to install and run; literally turn it on/turn it off

It fully populates attributes and strategies of trading

It generates and executes entries, target sand stops calibrated to ATR

It can be selected to trend trade, all trade or sell or buy trade

It can be applied to any index and any time frame or daily goal   


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            To create and transform the trade/educational room environment from the low standards many traders have experienced to a room that not only complies with 100% transparency and our Trade Titan status but a room that personifies the very essence of our name, Veritas, Latin for TRUTH.

            I offer each individual that entrusts me with their education an experience tailored to their needs regardless of background and offer a simplistic approach to trading and education. The best possible environment is one where each trader finds it conducive to both learning the skills to become an effective traders in many different indices.


Real Testimonies from Real Traders with Real Names having Real Training with Bob

Hi Bob,


I just wanted to thank you for the great time I had being able to watch you

trade live markets with you for a whole week.   Lunches were great also,

thanks Gina.  My name is Frank Stolarczyk, I'm 65 years old and I have been

trading on and off since 2004.  I have had a lot of trials that have been quite

embarrassing and disheartening trading as most traders do trying to grow

their accounts.   I wish I would have had you in my life back at that time. 

Oh well, I’m glad I have gotten to know you now.   They’re a lot people out

there trying to do what you do but your proven track record and transparency

make you stand out from all the rest. What I like about you personally is, your

open, honest, super organized, and never treat anyone differently than another, you genuinely show you care about

whoever you are working with at the time even during the heat of the battle. Along with your humor, you could easily be an on air celebrity with some interesting and funny things you say.  Trading can be very boring at times when the market isn't moving but you always have something interesting to talk about.    While focusing on all the markets looking for the next possible trade.   You are a gift and you are surely worthy of emulation.   Even though I feel like I'm starting all over and learning the things I needed to know when I first began trading.   Your confidence and skill level has put a new hope and confidence in me of achieving all my dreams in trading.   As I am learning to use the order flow I can see more clearly the importance of it. You make complex subject matters simple.  I wanted to say even though I wasn't able be in the room on Thurs due to not feeling well I left the screen at $487 on Friday.   So it was a plus week with a positive growth for the day and my heart. My confidence is growing and I'm anticipating of having a very prosperous year and future due to your training.  I look forward to coming back in the future if that offers still remains open.   Anyone who is seriously looking to become a more successful trader need to take advantage of learning from you Bob.  I consider it an honor and privilege to get to meet you and your lovely wife.  I thank God for bringing me into your presence.



Frank Stolarczyk

Dear Bob and Gina,

I am writing to you to thank you for such a great experience and a warm welcome after a long trip. Your hospitality started the moment I arrived with a fresh cup of good coffee as we went into the trading room and continued with delicious lunches and great conversations that I enjoyed (and not to mention some great cigars.. sorry, and cognac). The days past so quickly but they were unforgettable. I learned a lot during the long trading days, although a bumpy ride and the first day especially, with it not being the easiest. I am so grateful to you Bob, for bringing me in and introducing me to your professional trading world. You did it with grace and made me feel at ease. My few takeaways were knowing my methodology and most of all, being aware of my patience and knowing to trade with the full understanding of the target and the stop. It is something I will continue to work on. Thank you again Bob and Gina, for those amazing great days and for bringing me into your beautiful home and sharing this beautiful space with me.

Jacques Lagourgue


Frank S.jpg
Pams Car.JPG
It’s been a great experience being part of this room with Mr. Bob Amico. 
My wife and I had a chance to visit Bob Feb 19th- 22nd. Bob was very patient
with me and took time to explain trades in between mediating the room, 
while there it became very apparent that I needed guidance, although it was
a tough trade week I just know it would have been even worst if traded without
guidance from Bob. At the end of the week Bob put me on a new trade plan
and set up a weekly one on one to help me along the way, I’m truly grateful to
have him as a trade mentor and very excited about my future of trading.
Ryan Bartee 
Hi Bob -
I had been trading Futures here and there for a little more than a year,
unsuccessfully.  I was in search of guidance, a proven teacher.   Then, in
November of 2018, a friend introduced me to Bob Amico at his home
during an in person coaching session a
My first impression was, 'Wow!  This guy is REAL!  AND he is a nice man! 
 After watching him and listening to him in person, it was obvious that he
is very kind and truly cares about his members!  I signed up for one month
to see what it was all about as an actual participant.  Honestly, I had no idea what to expect as I have never been in a 'trade room'.
The first month was a great trial to make sure I could log in to the webinar, run the Order Flow, listen to Bob and be able to enter trades on the DOM.  At the end of my trial month I was sold.  I wanted to be able to attend the webinars, trade with Bob, have access to the Skype group and most importantly, have Bob's mentorship.
On December 17, I decided to go for it and purchased the Mentor Membership.  Bob helped me set up my Order Flow, so I was ready to go. And boy did I go!  December was an awesome month for me.  Every time Bob called a trade, I took it.  Even if he did not take the trade, I did. I only trade the ES, so when he was trading NQ and YM, I took the ES.  
Bob is trading live...lots of different futures. Usually he is trading three contracts.  He has at least 15 charts and at least 5 working DOMS on at all times.  He tells you entries, stops, targets, etc.  And, he explains why it is a trade, what he sees.  I can see some of his charts, his Order Flow and his DOMs.  I can see when he places his trades.  Again, I only trade the ES.  
So when he is trading instruments other than the ES (the majority of the time) I trade the ES and sometimes have to figure out how the ES relates to what he is trading.  I watch the numbers.  I know the basics and I have Bob.  
I am learning about the charts slowly.  I still have a lot to learn, specifically how Bob decides his entry points, stops and targets. The past seven weeks have been truly unbelievable!  My profits have been truly unbelievable.  As I stated earlier, I only trade the ES and until a few weeks ago, only one contract.  Sometimes I will add in a contract.  
Trading with Bob has been an awesome seven week experience so far.  In fact, my confidence in working with or trading with Bob has lead me to this beautiful blue Subaru Ascent.
There is so much more that I could say.  The best thing to say is 'Thank You, Bob!' 
Have a great weekend Bob!

The first thing I would like to do is to thank Bob and Gina for being wonderful hosts

and inviting me into their home. I had joined the room back in April of 2018 and

decided to take 6 months in sim or more if needed to really try to understand his

system and to give myself a better chance of being successful from the beginning.

I was hoping that by the end of 6 months I could go and sit with Bob and watch the

master in action.

I jumped into the member’s area and studied all the videos, I might have watched

some of them as many as 20 times easily. I spent as much time as I could in the

room watching things happening live before I went to work for the day and would

spend my evenings using market replay to re run the part of the day I had missed or to replay random days. I studied my butt off for about 6 weeks and then started keeping daily totals in sim.

By the end of the third month I had grossed about 15K in my sim account trading an average of 12 days per month. The next two months I was up almost 30k in sim trading an average of 14 days. I figured that it was time to go see Bob and to also get ready to go live.

This was a wonderful opportunity to watch Bob in his element, multitasking is something that he does very well. Calling trades, answering questions and interacting with many people, watching multiple charts and constantly updating them, the first day is a bit overwhelming until you get the flow of all that is going on. The one thing that stood out to me was the fact that Bob would constantly ask if anyone is down and who might need some help. He would also be checking with me to see if I saw the setup or had any questions. I watched first hand as Bob traded 2 days in a row until I left for the day, which was close to 4pm, to make sure everyone was green by close. Those days in October were the most volatile days I had ever seen.

After sitting and watching Bob for those days I believe I can become a consistently profitable trader with his help and am confident I will be a member of the room for a long time to come and I look forward to seeing him again.


Thanks again Bob for your dedication to excellence!

Michael Fanelli

Hi, my name is Jim Giegerich.  I have been sitting in Bob’s office for the past week but trading my own account.  I heard Bob calling out his trades to you in the background and thought about his calls as I was using my own system. His calls coincided with my judgments in the market.  However, I am a “spastic” trader as compared to Bob who, by contrast, has a more scientific, very methodical and data-centric approach.  I like his methodology and I have found that it consistently corresponded to what I have found in my approach to trading. I like his teaching style and I told Bob I can give no real hints as to how I could advise him to do anything differently.

By way of background, my career was as a financial and economic feasibility consultant over 25 years. My consultant practice was in the Washington, DC market.

I traded stocks in the evenings after work and lost 50% of my portfolio in the 2005 crash and stopped trading stocks at that time.  Truthfully, I didn’t know anything about the market then but I thought I was smart enough to figure it out.  I had no training and thought “Hey, how hard could it be?”  It wasn’t hard until I lost so much money that I decided to take a break. That break lasted for 15 years.

I am retired and I am now a full time “newbie” trader that started 10 years ago from scratch. 

  1. At first, I took a couple of years to read everything I could get my hands on about trading.That took me at least a year.

  2. I studied stock trading for a year and traded with Fidelity and Schwab.

  3. Next, I studied Forex for a year and had a Forex account and traded Forex

  4. Then, I studied Options for about 6 months and tried to get my head around that but gave that up. It was too complex for me.  Yes, it leveraged stocks, but there were too many moving parts for me to really grasp.

  5. Then, finally, a friend suggested I focus entirely on Futures. That was about 5 years ago.

  6. Since that time, I have purchased software from just about anybody that could pass my “BS meter”. Much of that was done because I was looking for the “holy grail” and innocently believed most of those sales people that theirs was the latest and greatest.

  7. I eventually got down to the final 5 systems and worked them all over and over and screened out the ones that I didn’t do well with in my trading.

  8. I am now down to my last two “systems” that are not really systems but are my own “hackneyed” ways of trading.

  9. I started out with Trade Station, then went to Ninja Trader and now, I am mostly using Sierra Charts through Infinity Traders. I have so much of my purchased programs with NT so I don’t want to give that up. But, I get frustrated with the cumbersomeness of the NT platform.It is a memory hog compared to Sierra Charts which is a very light computer memory footprint.It is so very responsive and brings up charts almost instantly. I have decided that will be my preferred platform.

  10. No matter what I have learned from my study and practice, I am certain that I will continue to be a student of trading until I am finished with this leg of my life journey.

  11. My current wish is that I could have cut out a lot of my research and testing if I had been a member of Bob’s current trading room from the beginning. But, alas, I started 10 years ago and he wasn’t available during the early stages of my trading training journey.

  12.  wish you all well in your trading. As with any professional sports or music or other successful professional, is the absolute basic requirement for success in any endeavor.

​Jim Giegerich

Mike F.jpeg
Hi Bob
I had the pleasure of trading with, in my opinion, the most authentic and REAL trader
I’ve ever met! When I first signed up for Bob’s room I realized I was not in the average
room. Having paid thousands for rooms and courses over 15years and listening to
faulty guru’s etc. I knew I had arrived at something priceless. His goal was obvious,
teach me to trade! NOT teach me to be a monkey in a room. 
After visiting Bob at his home, I was able to witness what’s possible in the world of
trading on a whole other level! I could not imagine doing what Bob does on a daily
basis watching six screens and about 15 different markets all at the same time
monitoring his trade room. I witnessed him not only trade the rooms sim account, I saw him take numerous trades on his live account as well, off screen. Considering some traders in the room have small accounts he always puts them first and tried to trade with them in mind vs. what he would do in his normal account. Having seen both aspects live, all I can say is Bob is a Next Level human being who stands behind what he says. He always says he will make sure everyone leaves the room green and man, he was fighting for his members all week long. I even witnessed several one-on-one sessions that he put just as much heart into. 
The week with Bob provided so much clarity I wish I would have gone sooner. Now that I’m back home, I sit in front of my screens and everything is manageable. He answered all of my list of questions as we were trading and about a dozen light bulbs went off during that time. Before visiting Bob, my trading was only a little bit profitable while in the room. I guess I’m one of those who has to see the big picture with a visit.  With the knowledge I left with, I fully anticipate I’ll be updating my comments with some pretty serious results here soon. 
It was an honor to learn from a man that will tell it like it is... Good Trading day or Bad Trading Day, he doesn’t hide what’s REAL. 

Hi Bob

Thanks so much for allowing me to come into your home to watch you trade.  Truly amazing how you can review all the charts, put on trades and address the members needs.  All the while experiencing problems with the trading platform .  Even more impressive are the results you achieve.   Appreciate the guidance and confidence that I received from the visit.  Went from Sim to Live this week and so far have been very successful.  Again thank you for your help and Gina’s wonderful hospitality.

Dale Schutt

Dale S.jpg

I was a trial member for 5 days and did not hesitate to convert to an annual membership

by the end of the week. Included in the fee was the clever, proprietary order flow software,

as well as unlimited telephone one-on-ones and a week-long onsite shoulder-to-shoulder

session trading in Bob’s home office.


The software is feature-rich and very customizable. There are bells and whistles that no

other order flow offering has. I have not yet invested in the auto-entry add-on but will

probably do so soon. As someone new to Ninja Trader I had to go through the learning

process of the Ninja platform, which is very different from the ThinkOrSwim (TOS) system I had been using for several years. On the other hand, now that I am more familiar with Ninja Trader I have also begun experimenting with automatic trading strategies, something not possible with TOS.


I have never heard of a trading room that offers unlimited one-on-one training via phone. I wanted to wait until I had participated in the onsite trading before taking advantage of the one-on-one opportunities. Needless to say Bob is very dedicated to his members, their education and their success to offer this generous service.


After being a member for 6 months, I traveled to Tennessee to spend a trading week with Bob. He and his wife Gina, and their three friendly bulldogs, made me feel very welcome despite my invasion of their home for 5 consecutive days. It was useful seeing Bob’s 6-monitor setup, including charts and indicators that are not always visible when remotely watching Bob trade via GoToMeeting. Although a majority of the trading time Bob has an open microphone while he calls out trends, support and resistance levels, trade entries, targets, stops and exits, there were plenty of other times when he closed the mike and offered me tips, tricks and advice. In addition, we got to talk after each daily trading session terminated, so have now started our one-on-one relationship which will undoubtedly continue now that I am back in California.


Bob is a consistently profitable futures trader. He trades the indexes (NQ, YM, RTY, ES and FDAX), the major commodities (CL & GC) and also some of the more esoteric instruments (HG, NG, LE, ZS, etc.), as well as occasionally some of the currencies (6B, 6C, 6J, etc.). On the rare days when he is down in the first few hours, he tenaciously continues and almost always ends up on top. Trading while simultaneously teaching and explaining what you’re doing in an impressive example of professional multi-tasking – and Bob is a master.

Floyd Bradley


My wife Sue and I went to Chattanooga to sit with Bob in his office to gain a better
understanding of how he comes up with his trades, and how he has his charts set
up.  The biggest thing we took away from sitting with him for 3 days was how hard
he works.  His multitasking abilities are second to none.  We watched him analyze
charts, call trades, and answer questions simultaneously, while explaining exactly
what he was doing.  During breaks and sometimes even during a trade he would
answer our questions or point out what he was looking at.  During one break, Bob
had his chair turned to talk with us, glanced over at the NQ chart saw a long,
turned and called it in the room and made over $400 on the trade. We were
discussing how to make more money on fewer trades and he took an NQ trade in
his personal account with 5 contracts and while he was down on the trade took 5 more contracts, for 10 total (live), closing the trade at a profit.
It was also very evident how genuine he and Gina are.  We thoroughly enjoyed spending time getting to know them better.  After meeting them I now know that Bob truly has a passion for helping people become better traders, and to better their lives.  He really feels this is his mission in life, and his goal is to help each and every person he comes in contact with.
After driving over 1600 miles and spending over 24 hours total in a car, we really are glad we took the time to meet Bob and Gina.  It gave us a whole new appreciation for what he does for us in and outside of the trade room.  We were also able to trade the evening session and  during the mornings before going to there house and basically paid for the trip. 
Sue and Randy Schirm


I recently had the opportunity to sit with Bob while he ran his trading room while trading the
markets.  Having been a room member for six months, my other day job has been downsized,
and I needed to jump start my new career with the markets in 2018.  I had many “ah-ah
moments” in Bob’s home office; listening, watching and asking questions.  Bob is intensely
focused and maintains a present moment attention for hours, with little to zero distractions
while sitting at his trading desk. Bob is very much like an Alaskan bush pilot with Sherlock Holmes’
attention to detail, guiding you on a journey into uncharted territory, namely - the elusive world of
a profitable retail trader. 
He considers his members as family, and he accepts the challenge of each member’s short-falls and is committed to teaching by example his method of profitable trading.  Bob is the change the retail trader has been searching to find; a mentor who means what he says and definitely says what he means.  A constant teacher, the novice and veteran trader can follow his example (visual on screen charts & DOM), listen to his justification and trade along with him and the room.  Bob is very passionate about trading and will go the extra mile to help his members understand order flow.  He is very aware of his member’s abilities, trading style and account size and trades in the room reflect small stops, and realistic first targets to help the small trader grind out a daily profit with all-in-all-out or letting a runner go after banking some positive price action.
At the end of the day, his member’s successes fuels his burning passion for what he does on a daily basis; teaching order flow, helping others “get-it” and paying it forward…and there is no other room like this.  Thank you Bob for believing in the potential of each member to learn order flow…I look forward to our future together.
Kevin Van Kuren
Hi super Bob!

I wrote a brief testimony with my opinion about your work and the room. One version is Spanish, another in Portuguese. The version that is in English is translated directly with google :), then it may have errors. I put it so that you understand what is written in Spanish and Portuguese.

​For me, Bob, is the best educator and trader I've ever met. And I say it with propriety, because I read books, pay dozens of courses, experience many trading rooms, etc. Spend a lot, a lot, a lot of time and money ... without results. A few years ago I met Bob's work, and since then I stopped wasting time with other alternatives. Everything I know about Trading, I learned with Bob. I operate based on your methodology and I live from the results. It is my first source of income.

Because I think Bob's work is different from everything I saw before:

1) Trade Room - 100% Transparency

ALL the operations carried out in the room always shows its own Super DOM  and everything in the sight of all ALWAYS !.

​2) Commitment to the results to members

The room has a defined opening time, but it only closes when Bob confirms that all members are in profit. If any member the room stays open, with Bob operating until everyone is positive!

It does not leave anyone behind.

Where is something like that? I did not see it anywhere else.

​3) Method - Teaching - Order Flow:

The method that Bob teaches is based solely on Order Flow. No miraculous indicators, only Order Flow. In each operation, the entry price, stop and objectives are clearly defined by the method. Nothing is subjective. Once it is learned, through the educational videos and the experience in the room, one can operate by himself. Teach "fish the fish".


Since I speak Spanish and Portuguese, (I was born in Madrid, but I live in Rio De Janeiro), if there is someone else, you want more details, or have any questions about Bob's work, you can contact me by email (vicente.fdez@gmail. com) or skype (vicente_a_fernandez). I will answer honestly about my experience.

Vicente Fernández







I started my trading endeavor 14 years ago (2004) and like most people I lost thousands of

dollars with bogus trading “systems” and empty promises of learning how to trade for a living.

Then in 2014, ten years of failing in the markets, I meet Bob and joined the room he was

currently moderating. From day one I knew Bob was different from the other rooms and

traders I came across. He was trading a live account, called his trades before he took it and

was fearless.

I still remember the comment he made on the second day of being in that room. We were red

for the day and many people in the room and myself were feeling stressed about it. He then

said, “I am not concerned that we are down for the day, because I know 1 or 2 trades and I’ll

make it all back and then some. Just stick to the plan and system that I know works and we’ll be

fine. I do this every day and anybody can learn it.” He was so confident in himself and his trading that he wasn’t stressed about being red. Sure enough he ended green for the day. Four years later and he is exactly the same way.

I read once that to be successful at something you have to find a mentor that is successful at what you want and then mimic them. If you are reading this then you just found your mentor. His name is Bob Amico. Don’t look anymore. Bob has been my mentor for the past 4 years and has helped me achieve my goals of becoming a successful trader. I see everything that is happing in the market because of order flow. I can’t believe I used to trade without. If you are not using order flow you are trading blind. At first it was tough learning, but once you get it you will be a successful trader.

Bob is a great trader, educator and person. He cares so much about helping and your success that he goes out of his way for his students. He has the room open all day, he will do one-on-one sessions, and he even invites his students into his home and will sit and teach you how to trade. There is no other trader that I have come across that would do that.

If you want any more information from me please feel free to email.

​Steve Garber



Back in 1995 I had a dream of earning a living by Trading Commodities and leaving the retail

business, so I became a part time trader. For over 22 years I tried to become successful. I tried

learning from all the gurus. I tried every indicator I could find. I joined so many rooms I've lost

count, not to mention the fortunes I lost in those rooms. Of the 22 years, I had 2 that I grossed

me slightly over $1000. I lost in excess of $200,000, and most of that was paying other people

to teach me how to lose my money even faster than I did. I have 1000's of hours of educational

material. Enough books to fill a small library. Nothing worked and nobody helped (in a positive

way). I left my last trading room in June 2017. I had blown out my last margin account. It went

from $9000 down to $500. With my dream coming to an end and $500 left to trade with, I was

ready to give up. A friend of mine named John Little, talked me in to looking at your room on a

trial basis. Reluctantly I did. I liked what I saw but the trial was not long enough for me to grasp

what you were doing. I saw that you made money, but I was not convinced that I could make money, after all those years of defeat and losing money. You were kind enough to let us join on a monthly basis.  It took me a month to realize I could become successful too, but only if I learn to trade Order Flow the way you trade it. My whole 22 years, I only traded with money that I had saved and set aside as risk capital. Now, with no margin account, no money saved up again, I decided to take a leap of faith. I put your yearly membership on a credit card.


I SIM traded for 7 months while NINJA fees were slowly eroding my last $500 in that account.  At first it was very tough for me. I had my first "Ah-Ha moment" after a one-on-one phone call with you. At that point I decided to immerse myself in Order Flow. I deleted all my indicators and my charts. I put up 12 Order Flows on my monitors and nothing else. I watched and practiced every day. I listen closely to everything you said throughout the days. About once or twice a week I would find little nuggets of information that were priceless! (Too many to list here). Things really started to click for me and makes sense. From September 15 until the end of 2017 I grossed $56,000 in my SIM accounts. The first month and a half of 2018 I got grossed in excess of $200,000 in my SIM accounts. On Monday, February 26, 2018, I converted all my dividend paying stocks into cash and re-funded my NINJA account, and started trading real money. The first four days of that week I grossed approximately $5000.  I can't even begin to describe how good that feels making that kind of money.

Bob, I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and all the long hours you put in the Trading room. You never leave anybody behind. And you always want to see everyone successful.

My dream almost slipped away from me but you revived that for me.  I thank you and I thank God for the success I am having.

Last Monday at 8:59 AM I walked up Bob’s driveway after having threatened for
over a year to take him up on his generous offer to let me watch him in action
for a week.  I stopped for a moment to tell myself that this was really happening
after 18 months of dealing with other issues and avoiding getting serious with
my trading. 

Their home is in a lovely rustic area in the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee,

two hours from the Atlanta airport.  When he came out to greet me I did not

immediately recognize Bob as he looks much younger in person than in his

photo on the site.

Then I was greeted by his lovely wife Gina.  Even more than the trading

I witnessed, it was great getting to know both Gina and Bob over the next 5

days. I was with Bob five hours a day. He and I chatted about life and trading on his breakfast break and then I took a spot to the right of his trading desk and watched and took notes of ideas new to me, the logistics of what he was doing and what he was scanning on his six monitors as well as all questions that came to mind on all aspects of what he does. One gig internet connection, 6 monitors and a souped-up hot rod trading computer – all being played by a Maestro.  Enough to make a guy seriously jealous.  Time to save my pennies and save my dimes for I know there will be a time……..

He went mute at times to see what questions I had scribbled and gave great, analytical, to the point answers.

 I am sure a few of my questions sounded silly or showed a lack of knowledge of some basic topics.  However, Bob treated everything I had to say with respect.   The education went on during the lunch break and he cut me some time after the room closed each day to give my one on one time with no distractions.

I left for the airport on Friday inspired and educated and impressed.  My only regret is that I did not visit sooner.

Anyone reading this knows what sets Veritas Trading apart from other trading rooms.  All I can do is verify what you have heard and read:

1.        Bob is a good, honest man who cares about his members.  That is from all my experience with him both before and during my visit.

2.       DOMs are in full view, what you see is what you get.

3.       No soldier left behind.  At the end of the day he pleads

For anyone who is stuck in a trade or down to fess-up.  Bob will keep the room open and find him ticks.

4.        He does not leave the room if his account (and presumably the member’s accounts) are in the red.  Although he is almost always plus at the end of his normal trading day.

5.       He peppers his banter throughout the day with tidbits of tips and concepts.  I keep a pen and pad handy.  If you are really listening to Bob and looking at the Order Flow and other charts you will soon start to get what he is doing and why he is doing it and learn to spot set-ups on your own.

6.       Once a week, Bob sets up a live webinar for members only.  He picks a topic, covers it and takes questions.  Those videos are saved and put on the web site in the member’s only section.  Some of these I have marked for multiple viewings.  There always seems to be something new I learn each time I play one of his education videos.

7.       Almost forgot, Bob will do one on one online help for members.  He records the session and emails it to the member.

8.       Did I mention that yearly members get to visit him for a week at no charge?

9.       What Bob charges for membership to Veritas Trading is far, far less that it is worth.  But please do not mention that to him.

Roger B


Having been around the block many times myself, I found sitting with Bob for a week was

educational. In my office there are always distractions. Being with him I was able to focus

on his method, ask questions whenever they arose and also see everything that he is

watching. Having been in his room for several months was advantageous being somewhat

familiar with his method.


The confidence he exudes and the success that he has every day is motivational. Learning

to trade order flow from Bob is a major step towards financial independence.

I am guilty and I believe you are too of failing to put a plan together that we stick with and

trade no matter what happened on the last trade. What you will see Bob do each and every

day is trade his plan no matter what happened on the last 10-20 trades. If the trade lines up

he takes it, no matter what. He doesn't second guess, he just follows his method.

One day he closed the room because it was a choppy day and room trades were up $940. In the next hour we worked together one on one and he proceeded to make an additional $1750 before he quit for the day and I went back to the hotel.


In its most basic form order flow is nothing more than support and resistance. The big difference is seeing buyers and sellers at each and every price and having far more depth of knowledge as price approaches a support or resistance level.

If you can't tell, I am truly impressed with this room, the results and the man behind the results. He never closes the room if there is anyone who is not green for the day. He will ask numerous times if everyone in the room is green and if not will do his best to find trades to put you into profit for the day. There are no other rooms that even consider such a thing.

You will not find a room with this consistency that trades on a DOM right in front of you. In this room, all trades are right on the screen. This truly gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn.

He does education every week in addition to the education that he does everyday in the room. If you have a question, you can call him. He is willing, ready and able to assist you in any way.

This is the best room and there is no reason to waste your time looking elsewhere.
Perry Madich

I began trading over 20 years ago, back when all trades were called in.  Nothing was

electronic.  I have made 6 figures trading, and I have lost 6 figures trading.  I have spent

many $1000’s in trading education, including memberships in over a dozen rooms. 

Believe me when I tell you that there is nothing out there that compares with what Bob

offers.  He is the best trader and room moderator that I have ever seen.  And to have a

trader with his skill level, who is willing to share his methodology, is very rare.

He is the most transparent room moderator out there.  He is the only one that I know

of that trades in full view on a DOM.  He explains every trade, many in great detail, time

permitting.  His goal is to educate every one of his members so they can trade on their

own.  I have never seen a moderator care so much about his students.  He offers one on one coaching sessions, and even an invitation to watch over his shoulder at his home.  All included at no extra cost to annual members.

Now for the most important question.  Can anyone make serious, life changing income trading with Bob?  The opportunity is certainly there for anyone that wants to put in the time to study the membership videos and practice until they can see the trades on their own.  There are no guarantees in this business.  But your chances of success are better with Bob than with any other mentor.
Tom Dawson

Thank you so much for allowing me come and witness your trading last week!  I
imagine that very few people have the opportunity to watch an experienced and
profitable trader do his thing, and that even fewer take such an opportunity if
given!  I encourage ANY of your members to make the time to take advantage of
your generous offer.
Here are some of the things I observed (and I hope learned) during my time with
1. Know well the combination of signals that constitute a good probability for a trade.
2. Do not be afraid to commit to the trade.  Trust the signals.  They work more often than they do not.
3. Stay with the trade until your first target and then let your let your remaining contract(s) run as long as they show strength.
4. Kill the trade promptly when the signals are contradicted.
5. Get back to business quickly.  Do not mope over a trade that didn't work, (or gloat long over a trade that did work)!  Get your mind straight and go back to step 1!
It was quite helpful and encouraging to see you model these mental strengths.  I feel sure that I will be much better able to follow you in the room, and to apply much of what I learned!
Many thanks also to your wife Gina for providing a terrific and nutritious lunch each day! 


I have been learning to trade my own account for 10 years. I have spent valuable time, money and

resources in no fewer than 5 different futures rooms. In the last room, the business plan called for

10 consecutive trading days of $100 profit in simulation mode before going live. Made sense to me,

but after 24 months and numerous emails to the room host, I was told I was doing everything

correctly. But I could not achieve the goal. Thank goodness I was in SIM for 2 years! Or not!

What a waste!


I took the Veritas Futures demo for one week, and although I was trading on my old platform without

the order flow indicator I was able to follow along and could see that once it all came together(platform, indicator and education) it made sense. The Value areas and stacked imbalances were the missing pieces for me. They were the previously invisible support and resistance levels and they are fresh. Once I changed platforms and purchased the order flow, I watched every video in the Member Area and every one of Steve's instructional videos, most more than once, it came together. I was able to put 35+ consecutively profitable days together in SIM. I have never achieved such a goal.


I am still transitioning from SIM to LIVE trading. And I am transitioning from set targets to letting runners run. I am happy to be in the Veritas room and believe that Bob Amico will continue to work with me to become a consistently profitable trader.


-Kristin Mondo


 Veritas is absolutely unique and accomplished in several areas of trading:


1. We trade each day in a transparent manner and when markets conditions warrant it


2. By sim in full view on a DOM allows each trader to closely shadow my trades, providing the necessary platform of learning through seeing and repetition as well as earning while undergoing the process. For each trade you see entry price, long or short, number of contracts, P/L for entire trade execution, official stops and targets and when trade is concluded, final sim P/L for the room at that time.

3. I do not close the room at any specific time each day and even when the room is green, I ALWAYS ask if any trader is down and I will keep the live room open to help those struggling traders.

I use a classroom structure I offer dedicated education allowing for members to observe, ask questions interactively in order to get the answers they need. I trade in a didactic environment - I explain all market conditions across all indices for all trades.

In closing it is my sincere hope that each of you will learn to trade and culminate the journey you set out on long ago. I look forward to being the fixture that gives you the education you need and deserve.



​​​​​​​​At no time is any of the stated performances an endorsement of or a suggestion to trade.  I am a trader and an educator desiring to show proof positive of trading efforts in real time. I am not a broker-dealer, nor am I a financial advisor. My trades are not to be considered an endorsement or recommendation for anyone else to trade live accounts nor do trades on my part denote or indicate that trade conditions or trade expectations are more favorable.

Hypothetical Performance Disclosure:


Veritas Trade Results

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Targets Trading Pro System

trading live account in real time

The Targets Trading Pro (TTP) System is a fully automated robot program generated by Bob Amico to capture his trading strategies, logic and expertise. TTP will automatically execute trade entries and calculate and execute stops and targets.  As stops and targets are values are generated based on selected market dynamics, they are neither preset or arbitrary. TTP is fully encapsulated: all trade parameters are determined, there is no more guessing on order entry or procrastination or emotion on stops or targets; say goodbye to hesitation. Specifically TTP determines:


  • Entry: enters trade when parameters across multiple time frames & only in direction of the trend

  • Execution: targets, stops and auto-trail are determined and placed in the trade

  • Obeys your daily goal and draw down and it will trade accordingly

  • TTP traded in live room each day: examples shown are ES, GC, CL buy; FDAX, NQ, CL sell

  • below are live trades from 11.25.19 on NQ and 2 trades from CL


Cl 1live.jpg
NQ 1 live.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 9.55.19 AM.png


January       $4,770

February     $1,610

March          $8,936
April             $7,250

May              $2,561

June              $15,281

July               $10,098

Aug               $19,421

Sept              $9298

Oct                $8626

Nov               $11,102

Dec               $12,722


January      $17,891

February    $20,705

March         $27,102

April            $10,158

May             $18,241

June            $14,278

July              $12,743

Aug             $22,271

Sept            $13,795

Oct              $36,680

Nov             $12,925

Dec             $13,037



January       $4814

February    $10,130

March         $8383

April            $7256

May             $13,895

June             $12,183

July              $5691

Aug              $13,265

Sept             $7617

Oct               $9100

Nov               $3485

Dec               $5957    

Overall       $555,143

Trade room opens at 7:30 am EST with no set time to close.  The trade results below are gross P/L from hypothetical sim trades (except as indicated for cash trades). Gross P/L values are used in calculations to avoid negative statistical bias that occurs when evaluating net P/L where round trip costs have been subtracted).  Likewise, as I am not a broker-dealer nor a financial advisor so I cannot offer any material information on account size need to produce these results, commissions, slippage or effect of monthly fees.



At no time is any of the stated performance an endorsement of or a suggestion to trade.  I am a trader and an educator desiring to show proof positive of trading efforts in real time. I am not a broker-dealer, nor am I a financial advisor. My trades are not to be considered an endorsement or recommendation for anyone else to trade live accounts nor do trades on my part denote or indicate that trade conditions or trade expectations are more favorable.

Hypothetical Performance Disclosure:



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